SSJDC Prop 1

Description Projects funded by the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Proposition 1.
Organization Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Conservancy Number of Projects 6

Habitat Projects

Habitat Project Name Status County Total Acres
Investigations of Restoration Techniques that Limit Invasion of Tidal Wetlands
In-progress Contra Costa, Sacramento, San Joaquin, Solano < 0.1
Lower Marsh and Sand Creek Watershed Planning Project
Planning Contra Costa < 0.1
Paradise Cut Conservation and Flood Management Plan
Planning San Joaquin 2,500
Three Creeks Parkway Restoration Project
Permitting Contra Costa < 0.1
Wildlife Corridors for Flood Escape on the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
Proposed Yolo 23.00
Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area Habitat Drainage Improvement Project
Permitting Yolo < 0.1