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Habitat Projects

Habitat projects are on-the-ground efforts that modify habitat, such as wetland restoration, compensatory mitigation, or habitat conservation projects.

Habitat Project Name Status County Total Acres
591 and 575 Embarcadero Eelgrass and Caulerpa Survey
Monitoring Report
Completed San Luis Obispo < 0.1
Huntington Harbor - Maintenance Dredge and Waterline Installation
In-progress < 0.1
Morro Bay FY 2010 Eelgrass Mitigation Project
Plan or Permit Map
In-progress San Luis Obispo 2.20
Morro Bay State Park Marina Eelgrass Survey
Monitoring Report Map
Planning San Luis Obispo 5.46
San Diego Bay-Delta Beach Eelgrass Mitigation Project
Monitoring Report Map
Completed San Diego 4.00